Mai Fun Salad (Rice Noodles)

Excellent dish for hot days and as a side dish for that BBQ!


Click here to see the recipe in Portuguese


servings: 6 / preparation time: 25 minutes



1 package rice noodles, Mai Fun (1 lb)

6 oz chopped turkey breast

6 oz chopped mozzarella

1 carrot (grated or diced very small)

½ cup chopped olives

1 chopped tomato (or 12 cherry tomatoes, halved)

1 cup chopped mushrooms (optional)

½ onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

chopped parsley and chives, to taste

juice of 1 lemon

salt to taste

3 tbs olive oil



1 – In a large bowl, add all ingredients (except the pasta) and season with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Mix well and set aside.

2 – Following the instructions in the noodles’ package, boil water in a large pan and place noodles to cook (mine took only 3 minutes). Remove from pan, drain the water and put the noodles in a bowl with ice water for 2 minutes.

3 – Drain the water and mix Mai Fun to the other ingredients. Serve cold.


Tips and Options:

  • Add corn, peas and/or chopped bell peppers to the recipe. Chopped ham is also a great combination.
  • Without using any type of meat, the dish is a great choice to please vegetarians.


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